Marijuana in Iowa: High time Iowa legalizes recreational weed – Iowa City Press-Citizen

Marijuana should be legalized for recreational purposes in Iowa among adults.

The illegal cannabis market in this country is estimated to total about $50 billion a year (National Affairs, 2020). A legal product could help eliminate that dangerous illegal market with legitimate access and the stabilization of appropriate chemical composition.

Medical marijuana was legalized in 2014 in Iowa because it has effective therapeutic consequences. The website WebMD reports that hemp can help stop or slow some cancer cells, prevent Alzheimer’s, relieve arthritis, control epileptic seizures, ease pain and tremors from multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons, decrease anxiety, stress and PTSD symptoms, reduce the impact of Lupus and Crohn’s Disease and more.

The legalization of recreational cannabis can also offer financial benefits, as well.

Medical marijuana being grown in Warren, Michigan.

According to the Iowa Tax Education Foundation (2020), the pandemic will cost the state of Iowa a loss of jobs and income totaling almost $18 billion by March of this year, and tax revenue will drop by a minimum of $1.2 billion. The Motley Fool (2019) reported in December 2019, that California generated $3.1 billion in that year from medical and recreational marijuana sales and Colorado raised $1.6 billion, followed by Washington, Florida and Michigan, at $1 billion. Tax profits in these states are creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and aiding in the