Michigan Outlines Rules For Marijuana-Infused Non-Alcoholic Drink Production – Eater Detroit

On Monday, January 4, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a bulletin outlining new guidelines for marijuana-infused beverages, according to the Metro Times. Under the rules, companies that desire to produce weed drinks can do so through a new submission process that includes strict requirements for product testing.

While Michigan voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, a prior law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder prohibits the sale or possession of marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks such as beer or wine. It doesn’t, however, preclude the production and sale of non-alcoholic cannabis drinks. Under the Michigan’s new marijuana beverage guidelines, drinks infused with marijuana must be shelf-stable and may only be sold at licensed dispensaries.

Several Michigan breweries have already begun to break into the recreational marijuana market. In August of 2019, Short’s Brewing Company announced a partnership with Green Peak Innovations to create a line of CBD (the non-psychoactive derivative of cannabis) and THC edibles and drinks including Soft Parade-flavored gummies, cold brew coffee, sparkling water, tonics, and lemonade. While acknowledging that it wasn’t legal, the partners also expressed an interest in eventually brewing THC beers. A month later, Two Roots Brewing Company, a California-based non-alcoholic cannabis beverage maker, acquired Rochester Mills Production Brewery with the intention of transitioning the facility into a cannabis drink production site.

In the fall of 2020, the city of Detroit passed an ordinance permitting the establishment of recreational marijuana shops and cafes within city limits. The